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I’m based in Dorset, but work throughout the UK. Give me a call on 01258 473671 during our general office hours of 10 til 7 (so calling me after you finish work is fine) and we can have a chat about your wedding plans. Or if you’re too chicken to speak to a real live person, that’s okay too: just fill in the form below and I’ll mail you back – really really quietly, and I’ll pretend to not be real if you like…

Courtenay Hitchcock
+44 (0)1258 473671
07770 227492

Studio Address (if you’re coming to see me, THIS is where you need to come):
The Old Stores,
Hambledon View,
Sturminster Newton,
Dorset DT10 1AF

Office Address (please only use this if you’re writing to me old-fashioned style, using a real live postman):
15 Manston Road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1AF

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Courtenay Photographic Ltd,
15 Manston Road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1AF,
Company No. 04419151