Barn Weddings in Dorset
Farm weddings
Barn weddings in Dorset are a fabulous opportunity in a rural county like ours, which is littered with ancient Tithe Barns, converted Victorian Barns and even an uncounted number of actual real farm barns for you to take over and use for your wedding party.
Dorset Barn Wedding
What's good about a Barn Wedding?
It's easy to see why Barn Weddings have become so popular - from quirky rustic to romantic country chic, a barn gives you a strong basic canvas on which you can paint the personality of your own barn wedding. No matter what look you choose, though, a barn wedding will always be relaxed, informal and above all fun.
Dorset Weddings in a Barn
Let's not forget the outside space
One of the great things about a barn wedding is often the outside space and the views - set in deep countryside there's plenty of space for your guests to spread out when the sun is shining, and at a Barn Wedding there's ample opportunity for you both to steal away to enjoy some quiet moments together.

Barn Wedding Venues Dorset

Click on the images below to see some real wedding stories from some of the best Dorset Barn Wedding Venues.
Stockbridge Farm Barn
Gorwell Farm Barn
Symondsbury Tithe Barn
Ashton Farm