OLDAbout me

So this is me, Courtenay (along with the rest of the clan)

Husband to one, Dad to four, Chief Fixer of everything.
And Photographer.

I love being in the mountains and on the moors.
I like strong black coffee, love trifle, and have a new-found deep and abiding passion for aubergines and mushrooms.
And I’ll never say no to the occasional single malt…

I love Adventure, and Silly, and people who are Passionate about life;
people who know how to Smile,
who are Honest and Kind.
And I Love People who Love.

Being a photographer isn’t something I do – it’s something I am.
And I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Courtenay and his wife Laura pulling faces

(That odd-looking one on the left? That’s Laura. I managed to get her to marry me a gazillion years ago, and she’s just a bit bloody brilliant. The most absent-minded person I have ever met, but still; no one’s perfect)

Photo ofCourtenay Hitchcock
Courtenay Hitchcock
(Dorset Wedding Photographer)
Job Title
Courtenay Photographic