It’s your wedding day – please don’t miss it by fretting. I’ve done a few of these now (I stopped counting at 500…), so please trust me when I say that everyone will still be laughing and having a good time, no matter how hard it rains or how wrong the bridesmaid’s flower colour is.

Before the wedding we’ll get to know each other a little – I’m going to be around you a lot; I want you comfortable and relaxed with me.

On the day itself I stand back; my style is definitely not to take centre stage and manage your day in a series of mini photo shoots.

You have hired me to record one of the most important days of your life – I can’t do that unless it is allowed to simply unfold around me. My job is simple – to watch; noticing the small things which will mean so much when you look back at your wedding photographs in years to come.

I work without an assistant, without lights… without even a flash on my camera. I make as little fuss as possible, knowing my talent lies in recording people just as they are, their relationships with each other and the emotions they show.  I have learned over the years that this changes the minute anyone knows they have a camera pointed at them.