I absolutely promise I will provide you with photography you will treasure always. Photography which will always remind you how it felt the first time you slipped on your dress, locked eyes as you exchanged your vows, kissed as husband and wife. Photography which will continue to tell the story of your wedding day for years to come, to your children and to your grandchildren, allowing them to smile alongside you.

I also absolutely promise to be very lovely to have around…

The big question! Pricing is where everyone flicks to first (oh come on, I know you just did…). You like what you’ve seen so far, so now you need to know if your wedding budget can afford me.

In 2014 I had a major re-think of my business philosophy (you can read all about it here if you haven’t stopped by the blog yet) – and that included how much I charge.

I’ve been a professional photographer for a long time – and I know I’m good at what I do. But I also know that the people who can afford the very best are not the only people who deserve the very best. It’s one of life’s unfairnesses that people on lower budgets and lower pay scales have to find that the very best people they naturally want for their wedding are simply out of reach.

It would irritate the hell out of me if it was MY wedding I was planning.


Give me a call or drop me a mail. Tell me about your wedding. Ask me how much I cost.
You might be pleasantly surprised.

Just give me a call on 07770 227492 (or fill in the contact form with your date to check my availability), and have a chat about your wedding.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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