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…You bring me sunshine…

Have you thought about what you want from your Wedding Photographer?

I deeply love and admire great photography. I do.
I spend many hours gazing in awestruck admiration at the best the world’s photographers have to show me; soaking up the talent and the beauty in every genre possible.
Equally, I deeply loathe poor photography which is ‘fixed up’ with photoshop tricks. I seem to spend my days wading through wedding social media which is crowded with mediocrity, feeling increasingly sad for the people who spent good money on such wedding photography.

  • Are you looking for faded out old vintage pictures?

You might want to leave them in the sunshine for a few months; you know – let them get… old.

  • Do you want a photographer who’ll take images of you and your partner looking solemnly and woefully into the lens?

Cripes – weddings are happy things, aren’t they? I know it’s cool, but I genuinely don’t understand why you’d want a picture that’s making you look depressed on this joyous of days?

  • Do you love those quirky shots of the couple with no heads?

Yes. And your grandchildren will laugh their own heads off in 50 years time when you tell them “but it was really cool to chop people’s heads off in their wedding photographs so no one can see who they are or what they’re feeling”. Seriously – I just like heads on bodies. It’s where they belong.

  • Looking for spot colour, bleached colour, yellow colour, grey-no-colour trendy images?

Hmmm. So were the brides in the 80’s when they chose the photographer who could make them look like they were IN the brandy glass (awesom-m-me!) or standing in their groom’s hands with a little trick perspective (“coo-o-o-ol!”). Look how stylish and classy THOSE turned out to be…

I’m sorry. I am. But if you’re on the hunt for a photographer who’ll provide the latest trend in their best achingly original Earlybird-filtered quirky style… move along please. Nothing to see here.

On the other hand… when was the last time you looked at genuine vintage wedding images from years gone by, and laughed at their silly-stupid style?

No. For style is what they had – by the bucket.
A craftsman took those pictures, and he knew what he was doing. He watched and waited for just the right moment, for the picture that told the story. He didn’t take 6,000 images in a day, safe in the knowledge he could guarantee there’d be some good ones that he could fix up and bung a few filters on later.
I know – I trained and worked on film. And though I have the best digital equipment at my fingertips these days, old habits die hard.
I still watch. I still wait.  I still try and tell a story every single time I press the shutter.

I don’t want to take wedding photographs that look the same as everyone else’s this year.
I want stylish, not stylised.
I want them to be yours.
Because every wedding is as individual as every bride and every groom.
Your wedding will be everything that you are.
Individual. Unique.
Your day is going to be magnificent.

Me? I just want to show it to your grandchildren. Just the way it was.