Gay Wedding Photography
Specialist in Gay weddings and same-sex marriages in Dorset
I hate to declare I'm a Gay Wedding Friendly Photographer - because it shouldn't even be a question, should it? Whoever's at the front saying their vows, love is love. So of course I cover Gay Marriage, same-sex weddings and I'm LGBTQ friendly.
Same-sex Marriage
I've been photgraphing civil partnerships and Gay Weddings for more than ten years
A wedding is always about the celebration of love - but I feel like there's an extra touch of joy to a gay wedding. Once disallowed, and then just a 'civil partnership'; finally gay marriage is seen as no different from any kind of wedding in the UK. Capturing that joy and excitement is something that an experienced gay or lesbian wedding photographer will do for you.
Gay Wedding Photography in the UK
It doesn't matter if you're Gay or Lesbian any more than if you're old, curvy or have one leg.
It is entirely irrelevant to me who is saying 'I Do'. Every ceremony, whether or not it's a gay marriage or a same sex wedding, means the same to me. I approach every wedding in Dorset (and across the UK) in the same way - with humour, excitement, sensitivity... and a high level of experienced professionalism. It's an honour to be chosen to photograph every gay wedding I've covered.