I’m Courtenay – a Dorset Wedding photographer, covering weddings in  Dorset and Somerset (and yes I do nip across the borders for Wiltshire and Hampshire wedding photography too…). I create beautiful storytelling documentary wedding photography.

I don’t want to take wedding photographs that look the same as everyone else’s this year.
I want stylish, not stylised.
I want them to be yours.
Because every wedding is as individual as every bride and every groom.
Your wedding will be everything that you are.
Individual. Unique.
Your day is going to be magnificent.

Me? I just want to show it to your grandchildren. Just the way it was.

Choosing your Dorset Wedding Photographer

A really great wedding photographer in Dorset is so very much more than the person who turns up and takes the photographs. Of all your wedding suppliers, your wedding photographer is the ONLY one who is present throughout the whole day. And they don’t just know about the camera stuff; an experienced wedding photographer has been present at hundreds of weddings, working with countless other wedding suppliers, and really knows weddings – we’re an amazing resource of information and advice, so be sure to use it! If you have a question, chances are your wedding photographer will either know the answer, or know the right person who will.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the old cliché (and only so because it is so true) “when the flowers have died, the cake is eaten, the dress is boxed… all you have left are the wedding photographs”. Remember that your budget for photography isn’t a wedding investment – it’s a lifetime investment.

Of course, ultimately there’s as much advice out there on choosing your Dorset wedding photographer as there are actual photographers in Dorset! Just… go with the ones you love.

The internet is bursting at the seams with well-meaning people telling you what to choose, what to look out for, what to ask.
And as wedding decisions go, it’s up there with the venue and the dress, so it’s worth investing some time in to get it right.
But really – don’t fret. It’s not that hard. You know the one who creates images that make you smile, and who immediately feels like an old friend. Hire that one.